What is a Gay Cum Facial?

A Gay Cum Facial is an intense erotic and sexual experience that can be an instant hit among a gay couple. It is performed on the other partner’s belly, and may signal the male’s dominance over the submissive partner. It is a form of masculine ejaculation, but some feminists object to the act of male ejaculation. Despite this, Gay Sex is type cast, and gay men seldom provide facials to the submissive partner. A submissive partner ejaculates onto his own belly and rarely provides a facial to his dominant partner.


If you’re interested in Gay Sex, you may have heard about the popular gay cum facial. A facial, also known as gay ejaculation, involves the giver masturbating prior to ejaculation, a process that heightens the arousal level in the audience. This scene often ends with the giver ejaculating on the other’s belly. Nevertheless, many people look for an ejaculation shot in gay sex videos to achieve orgasm.

While this sex act can be performed by either sex, a gay cum facial can increase the risk of a STI. During this act, the male performer positions his penis in order to ejaculate and discharge semen. The semen is then deposited on his partner’s face. The receiving partner is at a higher risk for contracting an STI, since the potentially infected semen is deposited on broken skin and mucous membranes.

‘Money shot’

The popularity of the ‘Money shot’ gay cum-facial has increased exponentially. It has to do with the physiology of the male orgasm and ejaculation. Because the process is external, it lends itself to cinching. But it is not the only reason for its popularity. Some scholars believe that a cumshot is a way of marking territory and looking clean.

The money shot originated as a lower back and belly shot. Its ‘facial’ ending became popular because of the intense stimulation and humiliation the act provides. While it may seem a fetish, this act also represents the deep alienation of contemporary mass culture. It has a long history in the smut industry, and the ‘Money shot’ is a defining aesthetic of contemporary pornography.


Self-facial is one of the most exciting aspects of gay masturbation. While it may sound like fun, you need to keep a few safety considerations in mind. It is not recommended to perform this activity in bed as your back may get strained and your chest might spin. In addition, you should always use plenty of cum, so make sure you have a soft mattress and a proper face bath before beginning.

‘Facial’ ending

A gay cupping session is nothing without an uber-sexy, creamy gay cum facial ending. A dom top fucks the bottom’s ass, while a young slave cocksucker enjoys a hot, hard cumming session from top to bottom. The climax of a sexy gay cupping session is a kinky face cumshot, which is the ultimate reward for a long night.

A facial is a sexual act that involves the male partner spreading ejaculation all over the face of his partner. The facial indicates the end of adult video performances. It does not necessarily involve ejaculation onto the face, though the penis head spreads cum all over the face. Despite the cliched name, this sexual act still carries some risks. It may increase a recipient’s risk of STIs due to the contact of potentially infected semen with sensitive mucous membranes or broken skin.

Risks of ‘facial’

There are numerous risks associated with a gay cum facial. A facial is most commonly preceded by sexual arousal and stimulation. The male partner positions his penis in the desired position to ejaculate and release semen. The semen deposited from ejaculated partners may be contaminated with sexually transmitted infections, which can affect the receiving partner. Semen may also contact sensitive mucous membranes and broken skin.